When my mother and I began the Black Mary Exhibit last year, our vision was to use words and images to elevate the spirit of resilience and inner power in communities across the world.  We wanted to amplify the narratives of individuals of all ages overcoming the systemic obstacles of underemployment, joblessness,  homelessness, incarceration, and mental health issues. The exhibit, itself, reimagines the Great Depression-era British nanny Mary Poppins, as a modern Black woman bringing joy and healing to the world. The exhibit features original images taken in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, and Orlando. In February 2020, the exhibit debuted as a five-week exhibit in Orlando. In April, the exhibit joined the 11th Annual Hannibal Square Heritage Center Folk & Urban Art Festival, online. The Black Mary Exhibit features an ongoing community-wide conversation about hope, power, and celebration of our shared humanity and progress. For inquiries about partnering with the Black Mary Exhibit, contact Renata Sago.