At 13, he was separated from his siblings. Now, he is their example.

When Edward Merced enrolled in Jones High School in Orlando at sixteen years old, administrators wanted to place him in ninth grade. He had just moved up from Miami, where he had bounced from school to school (at least twenty elementary schools, he remembers). The inconsistencies in his educational background meant that he, quite possibly, […]

From the Homeless Shelter to the Virtual Graduation Stage

Brianna Collins sat on a bench at Ivey Lane Park one evening, adjusting her braids to fit into her graduation cap. Then, she stood and sashayed down the sidewalk, staging a mock graduation ceremony for herself. The 17-year-old had been making the most of the cap at home, and so had her younger siblings. “They […]

Operation Smile Kicks Off!

Under every protective mask lies a smile. People across the country are sending in pictures of images of their smiles in the midst of COVID. Check out some of the images we have received and the responses from people to the question, “What makes you smile?” Send us your pictures to blackmaryexhibit [at] gmail [dot] […]

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